Which King County Property Management Company is Right for my Property?

Choosing a King County property management company is an important decision. The right property manager will help you earn more and spend less on your investment. You’ll find you have a lot more time and peace of mind. There won’t be any worries about bad tenants, long vacancies, or deferred maintenance.

The wrong management company, however, can be a disaster. Take your time when you’re choosing your local property management experts. We recommend you take a look at experience, reputation, and capacity when you’re hiring property management partners.

King County Property Management Experience

When we talk about experience, it’s important to note that years of experience count. More important, however, is the type of experience your potential property manager has. Do they specialize in single-family homes? That may not work for an investor with multi-family apartment buildings and units. Do they invest themselves? This could provide you with some personal experience as well as professional experience.

Talk to any property manager you’re thinking about hiring and explore their success stories as well as their challenges. Ask them about specific situations that they’ve managed for clients. Talk about solutions and problem solving and what they’ve learned from past mistakes. Find out how they stay current in the industry and with all the changing laws.

Property Management Reputation and Referrals

One of the best ways to understand how a company works is by talking to people who have actually worked with them. Ask for referrals or references when you’re seeking King County property management. Talk to owners who love their management companies. Talk to owners who have had to change management companies, and find out why.

Spend some time online, reading reviews and exploring a company’s website. This is a good way to understand how they work and what they prioritize. If you can easily understand the services they provide and the values they hold as a company, you’re in a better position than if they don’t have a website at all. Do they fight back with angry words and insults when someone leaves a bad review for them? You’re looking for professionalism and accountability. You want a company that cares about their owners, residents, and community.

Technology and Communication with King County Property Managers

Technology and Communication with King County Property ManagersSome owners prefer to work with large companies and others want the personal attention that’s found in a small property management firm. When you’re looking for the right management team, make sure they have the capacity to serve you and your properties as well as their other clients. A lot of small businesses are easily overwhelmed, and it may take you weeks to get a phone call or an email returned. Some of the larger companies might not give you the customized property management that you feel you need.

Technology and good communication is important in a property manager. Find out if online rental payments are available, what kind of accounting software they have, and whether they communicate daily, weekly, monthly, or only when something’s wrong. You need to know that your communication style will match your property manager’s.

There’s a lot more we can tell you about what you should look for when you’re seeking King County property management. We have pretty high standards, and we’d be happy to share them with you. Contact our team at People’s Real Estate Inc. and Property Management.