Finding Great Quality Tenants for Your Puget Sound Rental Property

Tenants are all different. Some of them have families, and some of them work 70 hours a week. Some tenants have disabilities. Some tenants have pets. Some are new to the Puget Sound area and others have lived here all their lives. They’re in school, they work from home, and they have big dreams and funny stories.

No two tenants are alike, but good tenants do share certain qualities. They pay rent on time. They take care of your property. They follow the terms and requirements of your lease agreement.

When you’re looking for high quality tenants for your Puget Sound rental property, you need to do three things:

  • Provide a great home they want to rent.
  • Market that home in the best online platforms.
  • Screen tenants thoroughly and fairly.

Well-Maintained Puget Sound Rental Homes Rent to Great Tenants

If you want to attract an exceptional tenant, you have to provide an exceptional home. This doesn’t mean you need spa tubs in the bathrooms and granite counters on all the surfaces. But, you do need to offer a clean, safe, and functional property that’s modern and well-maintained. Tenants want to feel proud of where they live, and they don’t want to move into someone else’s dirt. They don’t want to hear promises that you’ll fix the broken screens or send someone out to look at the rusty dishwasher.

Make sure you’re offering a move-in ready home that has curb appeal and is welcoming. Inspect it thoroughly before you list it and make any necessary repairs. Consider repainting, installing new floors, and upgrading things like lighting and faucets. It will make a difference, and your new residents will be anxious to move in. Price it correctly and advertise it widely.

Marketing Your Puget Sound Rental Home

Anyone can take some pictures, write a description, and post an ad online. The effective marketing of your rental property goes much further than that. Great tenants have a lot of choices, so you need to be responsive and service-oriented, even before they’re your residents. Answer your phone, respond to messages, and be proactive when it comes to scheduling showings. A lot of tenants aren’t going to want to attend open houses or crowded showings anymore. Make sure they can see the property on their own, safely and when it’s convenient.

Follow up with prospective tenants after they’ve seen the home. Find out what they liked or what didn’t really work for them. This feedback will help you determine whether you need to adjust your price or reference something specific in your advertising.

Screening for Great Puget Sound Tenants

Screening for Great Puget Sound TenantsYour screening process must be compliant with all state, federal, and local fair housing laws. It has to be fair and consistent. The only way to find great tenants is to establish your rental criteria and provide it to prospective applicants when they see your property. We recommend you look at credit to be sure there aren’t any outstanding debts owed to former landlords or apartment buildings. Check for a positive rental history and talk to landlord references. Verify income and make sure it’s enough to cover the rent.

There are a lot of resources and tips we can offer landlords and investors who are looking to place high quality tenants in their rental homes. Contact us at People’s Real Estate Inc. and Property Management for any help with Puget Sound leasing.